7 Reasons To Go Camping

It seems like it was just yesterday that my brother Jeff and I, along with our families, got home from a week of camping in the backwoods. (Actually, now that I think about it, it really was yesterday that we arrived home)

There is a little lake in Alberta that we love to spend time at during our summers. The area we choose to call home for a week has everything we are looking for in a campsite. The sites are private with tall trees surrounding them. The washrooms are close enough to sprint to if need be. The water is drinkable (sort of) and the beach in only 200 yards away.

It really is the perfect place to go camping.

Now I fully understand that not everyone likes to go camping. There are some who would consider spending time in the great outdoors as a great sacrifice. Having to walk to get water can be a pain. The trip to the smelly toilets can be a real inconvenience at 2:00 AM. How about always being on the lookout for bears or mountain lions?

Someone give me directions to the Holiday Inn Express!

As Jeff and I were sitting around the fire chewing on some sunflower seeds, we began to discuss this very concept. What is it that makes camping so fun?

In true TOP 7 fashion, we made a list. Here are 7 reasons why everyone should go camping.

1. Camping separates you from the world, literally

There is something about spending a week in a location where your cell phone will not work. It generally takes me a few days to get used to not having a cell phone on my hip. I might struggle with a phantom vibration on occasion but even those dissipate in time. It feels good to shed that leash I call a Blackberry.

2. Camping shows you how tough you really are

Take away the conveniences of home and we will see what you are really made of. Can you survive without running water? Will you make it if you have to walk a ½ mile to find a shower? Just think, some day you can tell your grand-kids that you used a hole in the ground as a toilet and endured the pain of one-ply toilet paper.

3. Camping brings out the adventurer in you

Our families love adventure. We have lots of fun and get into lots of trouble. Camping brings out the best, and sometimes the worst, in us. This past week we went looking for Bigfoot.

Don’t believe us? We have video proof.


4. Camping helps you slow down

It all slows down when you are camping. It takes longer to do pretty much everything. Have you ever made toast on a stick? It takes a slow and steady hand.

5. Camping puts you in the fresh air. Fresh air will help you sleep well at night.

The first few days I am wiped out when I go camping. I believe it is all the fresh air I am taking into my lungs. It could also be all that walking to the toilet, and to get water, and to the beach. You get the picture.

All I know is that I sleep well at night.

6. Camping promotes creativity

Pop Quiz: It is starting to rain and you have a tarp and some rope. Can you make a shelter?

I am not sure I could because I would be in the RV. But hey, it is fun to think I could.

7. Camping saves you money

For the price of one night at a nice hotel I can stay a week at a great campsite. Some would call me cheap. I like to think I just like to go camping.

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