A Great Canadian Workout

How do Canadians stay in shape? Easily. In our great country we are lucky to have physical activity as part of our everyday lives. If you do these workouts a few times a year you will have that lean lumberjack figure you always wanted.

The ice fishing workout

You drill a hole in the ice working your whole upper body. Haul out your beer using your shoulders. Use your back and bicep to reel in your fish. Hike back to your igloo for your cardio. Do this workout once a week, eat the fish you’ve caught, and you’ll have your lumberjack body in no time.

Portaging workout

This workout is grueling. First you us your upper body to load up your backpack with gear and get the canoe in the river. Work-out your back by paddling the canoe until you cannot go any further and use your legs to drag it out of the water. Get the canoe on your back and hike, carrying it until you reach another body of water. Repeat until you reach your destination. If you do this workout a few times a summer your sure to impress the ladies at camp.

Lumberjack workout

This workout engages all the muscle groups. Take down a tree with your axe to work your upper body and core. Then once the tree is on the ground, get out the saw and work your arms and back. Now, that the logs are in smaller pieces you can start carrying them back to the cabin a few at a time to work your legs and for cardio. Don’t forget chopping the fire wood, this will target your arms and core. A few times a week and that plaid shirt will fit better than ever.

These are just some of the ways Canadians stay fit. We also ski, dog-sled, build igloos, and mountain climb to name a few more. Leave a comment or check out our Facebook page to let us know how you stay in shape!