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What does "anata" mean? – yahoo! answers, Best answer: depends on context. 1. you need to be more careful. anata wa motto chuui shinakerebaranai. –> anata means you 2. let’s dance, honey. nee.
A question about the japanese word ‘anata’? – yahoo! answers, Best answer: both are right. "anata" means "you" in english. but we have several ways to say "you" "anata" is one of them , and one of polite ways. what.
Briel7’s deviantart gallery, Thanks man! i really appreciate it. = ) ill keep on training. in a drawing block right nowi think im nkt motivated enough to drawbut as far as advice.

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Tarka flute, anata, tarqueada photos, maps, videos, history, Tarka flute. if you ever encounter an andean flute that reminds you of a totem pole and sounds as dry and raspy as desert air, chances are, you are looking at a.
Rosario+vampire capu2 *trinity cross* (lyrics) – youtube, Japanese lyrics: masshiro na hane ga ima furisosoide me no mae no keshiki goto ubau puroroogu ikiba no nai kono futashika na sora saigo no kotoba mo kikezu.

Opera "maria and draco" – the final fantasy wiki has more final, The opera maria and draco is an event in final fantasy vi and the collective name of a set of four tracks, written by nobuo uematsu and yoshinori kitase, featured in.
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Category:romance anime and manga – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Subcategories. this category has the following 4 subcategories, out of 4 total. romantic comedy anime and mangaā€ˇ (1 c, 229 p) m.