Buckwheat Pancakes With Blueberry Grapefruit Sauce

Ask any East Coaster about their homeland and you’ll be bowled over with the enthusiasm of their response. I’m originally from Halifax and whenever Nova Scotia comes up my beau has to pinch me to keep me from monopolizing the conversation. He just doesn’t understand, he’s from Mississauga.

This excitable habit can catch other unsuspecting Canadians by surprise. Once I was flying to Calgary from Halifax and I found myself seated next to a very sweet Calgarian woman. She and I started chatting, when suddenly, out of the blue, she asked, ”By the way, what’s with all the blueberries?” I was beginning to question her sanity when she explained that every souvenir she had come across in Canada’s Ocean Playground had had blueberries plastered all over them. Well, she shouldn’t have gotten me started. I explained that Oxford, Nova Scotia is the wild blueberry capital of Canada and that the blueberries in Nova Scotia are in season from August to September and then I rattled off some other little known facts (little known for a reason) about Nova Scotia until she put her headphones on and pretended to be asleep. I’m telling you, don’t get an East Coaster started we love to talk.


With blueberry season less than a month away I decided I couldn’t wait, so I grabbed a couple of pints of blueberries on my way home from work. Unfortunately I couldn’t get any Canadian blueberries and the ones I did get were unnaturally large and a little on the tart side (the price you pay for impatience), so I chose to make a blueberry grapefruit sauce with them instead of eating them fresh. I paired the sauce with 100% buckwheat pancakes and while these blueberries will never be as good as ones back home, this meal was a thing of beauty. Sweet, yet lip-smackingly tart, this blueberry sauce is my new best friend. I’m so happy to report that this recipe leaves you with an ample amount of leftovers. You can eat this sauce on ice cream, tea biscuits or on top of a big bowl of porridge; the possibilities are endless. However, I would recommend waiting until you can get Canadian blueberries. Yes, I know this is a bit of a tease, but when you do come across Canadian blueberries at least you’ll know what to do with them.


If you happen to be in the area check out Oxford’s Wild Blueberry Harvest Festival happening August 19th – September 3rd. I promise it’ll be delicious!