Great Canadian Company Cariboo Blades

When you think Cariboo Blades, you’re either thinking one or two things. One, “He spelled Caribou wrong.” Two, “Knives that are crafted from Caribou.” Well, the second part could be true, and I’m sure that if you requested it that it is possible for them to provide you with a knife crafted with the bones of a Caribou, just try to ask very nicely.

Caraboo Blades is located on the outskirts of Chilcotin, British Columbia in Canada. They created a company out of the ideals of sustainability living. They use recycled, previously used, and discarded materials from Canada’s historic logging camps.

The blades and knives are all carefully handcrafted from tough high carbon head sawmill blade steel. The handles are specially handcrafted so each blade that is crafted by Caribou blades is both unique and special. Ranging from a wide array of different tools, from hunting to cooking, and woodcarving, Caribou blades provide high quality and Canadian made products. They also provide art crafted by Aki Yamamoto, art that is indigenous to the regions that they live in, but also from the land of where she has come from, the land of the rising sun, Nippon! Or in English “Japan.”

The company is owned by Aki Yamamoto and Scott Richardson and is a family run business. You can check out their website by clicking HERE and if you’re interested in learning about their way of life, sustainable living; you can also check out their fascinating blog HERE.

With the amount of waste that we human’s create and the impact that we have on our environment, it’s great to know that there are people out there who are willing to use the materials that are discarded and make them into something that is both artistic and useful. Thank you Aki Yamamoto and Scott Richardson. I look forward to buying a blade from your humble company myself.