James Bond Canada Has Your Vodka

By Doris Miculan Bradley

British Secret Service agent, James Bond may no longer refer to Smirnoff Vodka when asking for a Martini “Shaken not stirred “. The 1964 classic, Goldfinger, Bond character, Sean Connery first uttered the classic line after combating international spies and all around bad guys. Funny, there was no mention of Canadian secret agents or Canadian Vodka. Casino Royale Bond-man, Daniel Craig went as far as stating (in reference to the classic Martini), “Does it look like I give a damn?” Well, he should.

The “Go-Local” and “Slow Food” global movement has impacted the Canadian distillation industry and the world is the benefactor. “Life is on the edge” at The Prince Edward Distillery. Founded in 2007, owners Arla Johnson and Julia Shore work as the Femme Fatale Master Distillers. Claiming to be to first and only potato based vodka, Prince Edward Island hosts some of the best potatoes in the world proving to be beneficial to this regional vodka. Prince Edward Distillery also produces grain based vodka infused island wild blueberries. Having made the island’s claim to this unique vodka, PEI is host the local cocktail, “The Eddy”.

The Eddy

1 ½ ounce Prince Edward Distillery Vodka

¼ ounces Gran Marnier

1 ounce Cranberry Juice

Juice from ½ squeezed fresh lime

Mix or shake. Serve straight up or on the rocks. If served straight up, for best results serve in a Martini Glass. (Martini glasses are designed to have the martini envelope the entire tongue thus raising the sensation of the taste buds function.)

Prince Edward Distillery Potato Vodka Taste Profile

“Natash” custard mouthfeel with a medium to full finish. Talcum powder fragrance on the nose with a unique spice finish. “What an experience”.

Perhaps the next Austin Powers sequel will have Canadian, Mike Meyers Bond-man ask for an “Eddy on the Edge…of Canada…shaken and stirred”.

For further information about the distillery, please contact:

Prince Edward Distillery

Hermanville, Prince Edward Island Canada

(902- ) 687-2586

(902) 687-1853


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