Reasons To Visit Tim Hortons

Today I found myself sitting at a Tim Hortons. This, in itself, is not unusual as I make regular trips to one of Canada’s most famous restaurants.

I guess what made today’s adventure stand out was that I was struck with an overwhelming urge to write an opinion article dedicated to the top coffee shop in Canada.

Named after former NHL hockey player Tim Horton, this chain of coffee shops is the 4th largest publicly-traded quick service restaurant in North America. With over 3600 locations in Canada and $2000 million in annual sales, Tim Hortons is a Canadian landmark.

Here are 7 reasons to visit Tim Hortons.

(This list contains my reasons for hanging out at any Tim Hortons and may not reflect yours. That is OK. Please add your thoughts in the comments section below)

1. The best Iced-Capp – EVER!

If you have never had a Tim Hortons Iced-Capp on a hot day you are missing out. ”All the cool people drink Iced-Capps”

Actually my wife does not like them so I will rephrase that. “All those who think they are cool drink Iced-Capps.”

2. Stampeders Doughnut

It is really just a Boston Creme doughnut with the Calgary Stampeders logo on it. However, since the Stamps are our favorite team, we cannot get enough of this creamy treat; it’s tasty and satisfying.

However, the Edmonton Eskimos have managed to sneak their way into the franchise! Tim Hortons, for reasons unknown to me, have allowed rival Edmonton Eskimos to have their logo on a Boston Creme as well. If you are in the northern part of the province of Alberta you will find them everywhere. Those doughnuts make me want to ……well, never mind.

3. Specialty Coffee

On those months where we Canadians celebrate winter, Tim Hortons provides us with a sweet hot drink called an English Toffee. For those who want to live on the edge, you can try the French Vanilla. Either one is delicious.

4. Free Wi-Fi

It is so nice to be able to go to Tim Hortons, grab a doughnut and an Iced-Capp, and relax while checking emails. Great touch.

5. Lunch Menu I can afford

I can go to McDonalds and have lunch. It will cost about $7.00 and I will be hungry again in one hour. Or, I can head to the nearest Tim Hortons and for $5.00 I can have chili, a bun and a doughnut. Wash it down with a cold drink and I am good to go till I get home from work.

I may not be a math major, but I know a good deal when I see one!

6. Great Staff

I imagine that some of our readers can tell stories of Tim Hortons staff that have been sub-par. However, there is a friendliness at our Tim Hortons that is appreciated.

7. Location, Location, Location

On every corner of every city in every province of Canada there seems to be a Tim Hortons. I like it.

Your turn to tell us! Why do you love Tim Hortons?


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