Roasted Strawberry Shortcake With Basil Whipped Cream

Every now and then you make a new friend that is the bee’s knees (who knew bees had cool knees). For the first little while you two are inseparable. You call your newest, bestest pal all the time. Together you develop inane inside jokes and make outlandish plans that you’ll never see through. Every relationship, whether it be romantic or platonic, has a honeymoon phase. Such behavior is not only restricted to people. Believe me, you can form a sincere attachment to an amazing new recipe and currently I am happily honeymooning with roasted strawberries.

Yes, I said roasted!

Sweet and intriguingly tart, roasted strawberries are amazing (hot or cold) with pancakes, ice cream, scones; you name it and I will probably eat it! With Canada Day on the horizon I knew exactly what do with my new main squeeze. What better way to celebrate the advanced age of our beloved country than with the most patriotic cake around: Strawberry shortcake!

I mean, check out that color scheme! What a beaut!

Every year, without fail, my family marked Canada Day with strawberry shortcake. My Grandmother made the same recipe every year and it’s a classic in the truest sense. But since I am no longer a precocious four year-old sporting a mean sunburn and an awesome pair of mini-mouse sunglasses, I felt it might be time to expand my horizons and try something new.

I give you strawberry shortcake all grown up with roasted strawberries spiked with balsamic vinegar, topped with basil whipped cream. Sweet and savory, complex yet amazingly simplistic; this potluck favorite just got a little more sophisticated. Give these adorable little cakes a good home this Canada Day! You just might make a fantastic new friend.

Tip: You can make the strawberries and biscuits in advance, but wait to whip the cream until it’s time to serve.

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