Skinny Fiber Diarrhea

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The skinny on obesity – youtube, "the skinny on obesity", a playlist created by uctvprime the skinny on obesity (ep. 1): an epidemic for every body. by uctvprime 378,277 views.
Skinny & narrow bowel movements!, Skinny or narrow bowel movement skinny/narrow bowel movement and its causes. narrow and skinny stools have several causes. one is due to an ibs or irritable bowel.

Dietary fiber facts – calorie count –, Fiber comes from plant-based foods. fibers are the stems, seeds, skins, and supporting structure of the leaves. it is the part of the plant that the body cannot digest..
Can nature’s “skinny sponge” soak up the fat, Imagine a plant-based product that can absorb more than 200 times its weight in water, forming a thick, glob of gel. sound like something out of a science fiction.
Dietary fiber – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Dietary fiber, dietary fibre, or sometimes roughage and ruffage is the indigestible portion of food derived from plants and waste of animals that eat dietary fiber..