The Growers Cider Company

By: Doris Miculan Bradley

The Growers Cider Company planted their roots in British Columbia in1927. With a goal to produce and showcase the best cider and wines the country has to offer, Growers had a tall order to fill. The family of apple based ciders are available as natural or flavoured ciders including Açai Berry, Apple Lime, Blueberry, Extra Dry Apple, Granny Smith, Nectarine, Orchard Berry, Passion Fruit, Peach, Pear, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Red Ruby Grapefruit and White Cranberry.

The history of global cider production can be traced back to 1300BC where apples were grown on the Nile River Delta. Historians have yet to prove that cider was produced for human consumption but nature would claim rudimentary cider production when apples fell from trees and naturally fermented in the blazing sun from falling off the tree on to the ground allowing for a tasty, intoxicating treat for rabbits, birds and any other creature brave enough to taste it. Although cider production is documented as far back as 55BC, it was Medieval Times where cider production amounted to commerce and wages. Canada, ,

Fast track to 2010 the `smart Canuck` company Growers Cider Company launch the clever introductory ` Go Au Naturale’ campaign in Ontario which resulted in a 13% growth in sales from 2009, outpacing the growth in the overall Canadian cider industry by 7%.The idea was to feature the clean taste and natural production methods for the ciders. With the average cider caloric content 187 calories for a 341 ml bottle, consumers also enjoy zero sugar, zero carbs. (It should be noted that the average cider hosts 7% alcohol which could lead to ill-health if over consumed or consumed with medication.) The “Eve” campaign in British Columbia spoke to the ` vestal fresh` apple cider taste experience while stirring up a little sex appeal in collectable label graphics.

The company remains true to their base product, apple cider while appealing to millennial market demands.

Food Friendly Pairings

Growers Peach Sweet, tree-ripened, creamy and natural peach flavour make up this sweet and refreshing cider. Try alongside Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Peach Barbecue Sauce.

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