Totally Sustainable Beau’s Best

By Doris Miculan Bradley

Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company, an independent family operation located in Ontario, has a mandate derived from a labour of love: create a homegrown beer made from certified organic malt while incorporating seasonal, local chemically-unadulterated spring water while leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible. Beau’s has taken further initiative to creating a sustainable organization- The Green Futures Project; a unique, “think outside of the box” product exclusive beer club with the goal of helping Beau’s achieve its goal of becoming a totally sustainable brewery.

The initiative was rolled out on July 2nd, 2011 featuring a membership based- beer aficionado club where members pay a yearly fee to experience ten different Beau’s Best beer releases. Club members are entitled to 30 bourbon barrel aged beers (10 x 600ml bottles per year) over 3 years, at a membership fee of $300. The fees will be used to install solar panels on the massive 30,000 sq. ft roof that houses the brewery.

Beer styles follow the four seasons. Spring invites Beau’s Best Beaver River, an IPA featuring a whopping 9.9% alcohol count. Summer initiates Festivale Altbier, a food friendly hoppy ale. Fall welcomes Night Märzen Oktoberfest Lager, toasty, bready and well suited with fresh herb marinated poultry. Winter arrives with Bog Water Gruit Ale, a dark gritty, full bodied brown ale.

The innovative company approach towards sustainability not only relates to the environment, Beau’s invests in educating the future generation of Tourism-Hospitality workforce by hosting product seminars for students at some of Canada’s leading culinary/hospitality management learning centres, including George Brown College in Toronto Ontario. (Beau’s All Natural beers are available at The Chefs’ House, a student centric downtown Toronto learning restaurant operated by George Brown College). A mentioned should be given to several of Beau’s employees as they are GBC alumni giving back to the future graduates.

Beau’s is currently involved in achieving a one hundred and fifty thousand dollar goal which will be contributed towards charitable works, community building and independent arts.

This five year-old Canadian company is poised to be a leader in integral company practices while producing an endemic product and some of the best benefactors a company can ask for: The Environment, the future face of the Canadian Workforce and Local Community.

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